About Me-

Complete overkill homelabs- Virtualization (Proxmox, QEMU/KVM, VMWARE), pfSense, VPN (Wireguard), and a few other trades that translate to the professional world.

Hi there! I’m an insurance agent and IT pro by day, pro gamer (lol) and pro dad by night, and this is my landing page. I live in New Jersey, have 2 gorgeous young daughters, and I like to build homelabs with software and hardware that is completely overkill in a home setting. It’s not about the “why”, it’s about the “why not?”

I’ve been into hardware and software since I was very young in the 90’s and my uncle brought over our first home computer. I got hooked the exact moment we got it together and I heard the sweet sound of Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”, the music video that demonstrated the “power and capability” of Windows 95, included in every copy. Fast forward to 2021 and I am building Plex servers using virtual machines, complete with GPU passthrough for transcoding on the fly.

Lenny Schmierer